District Council 9 - Mission Statement

We at District Council 9 are involved in the political arena for one reason only – because we have to. Nobody enjoys dealing with politicians, but if we don’t do politics – politics will do us. We advocate for one issue only, jobs for the members of this union. By being involved in politics and public policy, we are able to help elect those that understand our agenda and positively effect economic development. From time to time, we may work on issues of social conscience. This will be only at the urging of the members. Our mission is to create work opportunities and make sure that the jobs we create are union jobs. If you are looking for someone to advocate on your behalf on such issues as reproductive rights, gun control, pro- or antiwar, or stem cell research, there are other groups that you can pay dues to. Our intention is to stick to those issues that help us to put food on our tables.

The political program at District Council 9 is membership driven. You pick the candidates we support. You decide how our money is spent. You drive the program. All members are invited to participate in the committee near you. An active membership is our most potent weapon. We can never compete with the corporate agenda by trying to match them dollar for dollar. Our presence on the street is what gets noticed. If each and every one of us does just a little, the effect is huge. When we work together, the sum of our efforts is much greater than the parts. Because campaign finance laws contain many gray areas, we must be careful not to engage in express advocacy on a page available to the general public. We invite you to check out the member’s only section for the latest political news as it pertains to your union.

Political Action

Get involved. You can help to ensure a brighter future for you and your family with very little effort. Register to vote and make informed decisions when voting. Participate in Political Action Committees. Attend rallies. Hit the streets on Election Day. Above all else, watch each others backs. All of us are stronger than any one of us. We welcome and respond to all comments.

Local Committee Meetings

The New York City committee meets on the last Wednesday of each month. Long Island meets on the second Thursday of each month. Westchester/Putnam meets on the first Thursday of each month. Poughkeepsie area meets on the first Monday of each month.

Political Action Blog
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