District Council 9 Retirees

The D.C. 9 Retiree's Club was started in 1999 with 34 charter members and today has over 200 dues paying members from all over the country, and Puerto Rico. We wanted to give our retired members a chance to meet old friends and make some new ones. The meetings give us the opportunity to get out of the house and have a cup of coffee with men and women with common interests.

The club meets on the first Friday of the month at the Training Center in Long Island City. The meetings start at 10:00, we have lunch after the meeting and usually end about 1:00. We have guest speakers who bring us information that is important to us during our retirement years. A monthly newsletter is sent out to all members and helps those members who canít make the meetings to keep them abreast of our activities. We are fortunate enough to have the backing of Joe Ramaglia, Sandy Vagelatos, District Council 9 and The IUPAT.

If you are approaching the age of retirement visit one of our meetings to see what we are all about. There are many things you should know BEFORE you submit you papers. You might pick up some information you weren't aware of or we might be able to answer a question you have about benefits, estate planning, medicare etc. If we don't have the answer we probably know where you can get it.

If you are interested, please visit our website to learn more and fill out an application.
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